Code of Conduct

Policy       Employees, Volunteers, Members, Program supervisors and Management Committee members adhere to the organisation’s Code of Conduct which reflects the behaviour expected and is designed to encourage integrity and professionalism.

(hereafter referred to collectively as Co-op members)

Definitions    A Code of Conduct is a set of rules, regulations and guidelines which employees and members are expected to observe during their membership or employment


Code of Conduct  philosophy

The organisation prides itself on apolitical professionalism and the ability of its Co-op members to meet community needs. The organisation strives to be a leading service provider and to provide a supportive safe, healthy and nurturing environment.

This Code of Conduct is designed to ensure that all members are treated in a manner that reflects the mission, culture and legal obligations of the Co-op.


  • All Co-op members are expected to:

o observe all policies, procedures, rules and regulations at all times

o comply with all Federal, State and local laws and regulations

o  comply with all reasonable, lawful instructions and decisions related to their work or volunteer activities

o  maintain a high degree of ethics, integrity, honesty and professionalism in dealing with community members and other employees

o adhere to the Insurance and Workplace Health and Safety Policy and Procedure

o  maintain the confidentiality of the organisation’s operations in relation to service activities, confidential documentation and work practices during and after their employment

o  take reasonable steps to ensure their own health, safety and welfare in the workplace, as well as that of other members.

Co-op members are expected to make themselves familiar with their workplace health and safety obligations.

Co-op members behaviour: If any member breaches the following guidelines, disciplinary action may be taken.

  • If the breach of conduct is of a legal nature, it will be addressed in accordance with relevant Federal, State or local government laws.
  • Co-op members should not:

o  discriminate against another employee or community member on the basis of sex, age, race, religion, disability, pregnancy, marital status or sexual preference

o  engage in fighting or disorderly conduct, or sexually harass other employees and community members

o  steal, damage or destroy property belonging to the organisation, its employees or community members

o work or volunteer intoxicated or under the influence of controlled or illegal substances

o bring controlled or illegal substances to any venue or volunteer place

o bring the Co-op into disrepute

o  cause harm to another member either knowingly or by way of omission or at anothers expense

o accept benefits or gifts which give rise to a real or apparent conflict of interest.


  • Co-op members should:

o  dress to comply with volunteer /work/ operating venue as relevant to required work activities

o dress suitably for their position, presenting a clean, neat and tidy appearance at all times

o  consult with the Manager or Program Supervisor if unsure of the type of clothing appropriate to their position or volunteer location.

  • Co-op members who deliberately breach this dress code may receive disciplinary action.


  • Securely store personal information provided by a program recipient, client or other volunteer.
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure this material is kept secure against:

o   loss

o   unauthorised access

o   use

o   modification or disclosure

o   misuse.

  • Use personal information only for the purposes for which it was collected. Do not disclose personal information to another party unless the individual is aware of, or has consented to, the disclosure.
  • Keep information about all service provision confidential within the organisation. Do not disclose information associated either directly or indirectly, to the organisation to external parties unless authorised by the Manager or Program Supervisor.

Unauthorised access and use of confidential information can severely damage the reputation of the organisation and undermine personal privacy.

  • Co-op members should:

o use communication and information devices for officially approved purposes only

o  use these communication and information devices for limited personal use, as long this use does not interfere with their daily duties

o  not share their password/s with another member or share another member or employee’s password/s.

o  ensure individual and operator Co-op website security is maintained by adhering to website policy (refer to full website policy)


  • Internet and email are provided to Co-op members for genuine work-related purposes.
  • Co-op members should:

o  limit personal use to a minimum. The organisation may monitor use and call upon employees to explain their use.

o comply with copyright regulations when using the Internet or email.


  • Co-op members should not:

o divulge personal or confidential information via the Internet or email

o post or send any photographs that have identifiable persons within,  without the express permission of the Co-op (ensuring all model and content release forms are in hand)

o  use the Internet to access websites or send emails of an explicit sexual nature or in any manner that breaches the Equity, Anti-Discrimination and Workplace Harassment Policy and Procedure.

  • While the privacy of all employees is respected, emails may be used as evidence if legal action is taken against an employee.
  • This information may also be used as evidence of a breach of the Code of Conduct or the Equity, Anti-Discrimination and Workplace Harassment Policy and Procedure.


By virtue of social medias instant and viral platform all Co-op members must be mindful when representing the Co-op or posting to any social media that links to the Co-op that we are a “family-friendly” Co-op (refer to full Social Media Policy) Expulsion from the Co-op is a possible outcome.

  •   All Co-op members should:

o ensure No offensive, harmful or confidential information is posted

o ensure all postings are appropriate to the family range.

o  Note: The Co-op will monitor use and call upon members to explain any inappropriate use or postings.

  • Co-op members who deliberately breach the social media code will be expelled from the co-op.


As the Co-op has a wide and varied basis, should any dispute arise that involves members either individually, between a member and a Program supervisor or a member and the Board, there is an internal resolution process. (refer to full Dispute Resolution policy)

  • All Co-op members should:

o  ensure that a dispute resolution issue is immediately brought to the process to avoid any conflict escalating.

o  ensure that no offensive, harmful or confidential information is provided or broadcast about the dispute.

o ensure no personal or commercial information is provided or broadcast about the dispute.


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