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Dance StartVen PCodeSuburbOperating DaysContact
7.304200BRIGHTON1st SATURDAY0414.260107
7.30pm4650TINANA1st SATURDAY0438.867.090 - Phone to confirm date
7.15pm4101YERONGA2nd SATURDAY3392.9070
7.30pm4650TINANA2nd SATURDAY0438.867.090 - Phone to confirm date
7.304200BRIGHTON3rd SATURDAY0414.260107
7.30pm4650TINANA3rd SATURDAY0438.867.090 - Phone to confirm date
7.304121CARINA4th SATURDAY0414.260107
7.30pm4650TINANA4th SATURDAY0438.867.090 - Phone to confirm date
7.30pm4650TINANA5th SATURDAY0438.867.090 - Phone to confirm date
7.30pm4019WOODY POINTTUESDAY0412.322.270
8.30am4019WOODY POINTClasses SATURDAY38801912
2pm4075CORINDAClasses TUESDAY3392.9070
7pm4020REDCLIFFEClasses TUESDAY38801912
12.30pm4020REDCLIFFEClasses TUESDAY38801912
2pm4075CORINDAClasses WEDNESDAY3392.9070
7pm4020REDCLIFFEClasses THURSDAY38801912
2pm4075CORINDAClasses FRIDAY3392.9070


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