Formation overview

4 Ballroom Dance Co-op was formed in response to feedback gathered from numerous surveys & concerns across the broader dance community, including social sequenced, competition & dance sport.

Main survey outcomes & concerns expressed within the dance community:
1) Disparity of operating costs (insurance – licensing – music – hire fees etc) & venues available.

Current numbers of active social sequenced ballroom and partnered dancers are dwindling & unsustainable with no foreseeable prospect to fill the exit of aging dancers. To offset the current unsustainable number of dancers, a targeted & structured “whole-of-school” approach has been formulated to primarily focus on primary schools within Qld. (other organisations have inquired & will be accommodated where possible).

Current dance musicians are dwindling with no foreseeable takers largely due to lack of viable income.

Suppliers narrow niche implications re viability

2) Under the Co-ops’ “Stewardship” programs full support & resources for teaching will be provided to the ‘Nurture’ program. The programs will be monitored & taught via teams (to allow for personal down time without program interruption) of vetted Co-op volunteer teachers to meet all requirements.Survey return draft

It is envisaged the in-school ballroom dance ‘Nurture’ program will have a positive knock-on effect to stimulate the interest of families & friends & engage active ballroom dance participation in the wider community.

Included in the ‘Nurture’ program is a co-authored & co-dependent dance music program, to be rolled out where appropriate. To introduce up & coming music students to sequenced dance music & to significantly increase Australian music content in the school environment.

Stand-alone dance operators, dance groups, entities, teachers, conveners, musicians & vendors can all benefit from joining a cohesive, apolitical Co-op, as it is a proven franchise-like model that includes multiple cross benefits.

3) Due to the nature of stand-alone dance organisations, there is little or no central archiving of ballroom dance history, in documents, photos or video. There is no central point to preserve our past & current ballroom dance history. The Co-op will play an important role to receive, collate & secure ballroom dance history material for future generations to come.

4) Technical on-line & web site support will eliminate operators double/triple handling of data, promote regular socials, dances, lessons, take bookings, provide services, automate & track dance programs & music lists for clubs & teachers.

The Co-op is the first Australian formation to ensure support & promotion for all forms of ballroom dance with local & regional clubs, organisations, teachers, operators, musicians, vendors & affiliates.
To deliver real value added business support packages with negotiated & discounted operational costs, for compliance with standard business obligations ie: apra, amcos/aria, public liability insurance, music royalties, licensing and more.

The Co-ops’ on-line Parent web site has been designed to centralise grow & accommodate state-wide (child) sites. To be an efficient & effective one-stop shop resource for what’s on & where, bookings, update regular dance programs, Ecommerce, direct supplier access, monthly competitions, incentivised promotions & media support.

All leading to the formation of 4 Ballroom Dance Co-op Ltd often referred to as “The Co-op or the Dance Co-op” with its 4 Pillars

1Operational support – for anyone that operates in the Ballroom dance community – teacher, convenor, supplier at any level
2Music engagement, licensing and royalties
4Community Programs

Find out more about your area of interest simply click on the link, phone, email or use the tab on the side to send a voicemessage. We are all friendly and our aim is to help you grow no matter what area you are in.


Much like the sport world – where everyone can kick a ball, the world is filled with different levels of enthusiasm. The Co-op model ensures everyone has a lasting place and those who simply want to take part or those who want to excel can do so with full fervor.
Your input ensures the flexibility to move and alter as time and situations warrant.



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