Dance Puzzlers


Just like the Ballroom DANCE commUNITY, so many options with one sure to be just right for you:-

    Unleash your inner slueth.
    Test your skills
    Focus art
    and have your say in a fun creative way.
    WIN prizes and join in.

See some of the puzzler options below. Who knew giving could gain so much.

Deliver to

  • Mix of popular puzzlers and a smattering of CoLyrics throughout, great all round focus and puzzler combination.
  • Beautiful colour-me focus pieces overlayed with snippets of licensed Aussie Dance song lyrics.
  • Unleash the sleuth using the range of codes to discover what you need. Morse, Cryptic Crackers to solve.
  • A range of traditional crosswords to solve, Cryptic, Vocab and more
  • Focus and find, words and conclusions.
  • Often represent the circle of unity. You can certainly lose yourself in focus when you complete these mesmerising pieces
  • Navigate your way through the floor.
  • Using logic not maths to navigate and complete these focus points. From 4 to Alpha Numeric pocket book to fill in time




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