Dance History

As we are all part of the story that makes up history, the Ballroom dance community is one that is spread far and wide and has taken on a few faces, places and styles.
You are part of the story (today is tomorrows history) The very sporadic documentation and folks repeatedly seeking out information has led to the ongoing collection which will remain a significant pillar of the Co-op

Collections will be stored in:
Dance Programs – this project has been going for a while and will display the dance timeline so any and all dance programs (what dances done where) are welcomed.
Stories – will be categorised into Sectors eg: Stories, personal journeys, places, buildings, fashion, food, areas, dance groups, friends, music
Information – the what, where, why of things – snippets, comments, funny, sad, new or old.
Musicians – the rarity now who dedicate themselves to dance music both past and present.
Pictures – paint a thousand words and we gratefully accept your photographic dance input (please note the when and where to allow us to properly place in perspective) Yes we welcome repeat input (eg: this picture was taken at Marburg in 1990 when Maurie was …. Pictured here are the friends that we have danced with since 1956 and still dancing with at Eventide…. This is the dance club we setup in Cairns in 2006 and enjoy the company of many locals)
Film – as our historical dance journey compared to other countries is in its childhood, there are few films and videos so all of these are precious. (yes we will convert 8mm etc and put them all to good use)
nb: We take the issue of personal preference for privacy seriously and any member of the public can request removal if they are not willing to be in the public domain by simply clicking the REPORT tab on the page. 

No matter what, where or when you started You are the Story of Australian Ballroom Dance 

577852_10200616067581488_82119188_nWe danced to the band
the music was grand
The night was so clear
as the end drew near
How I felt when she held my hand
the lightest of all in the land

You can add your story or stories here or
use the little purple circle at the bottom of the screen (you can also add your info to the 400 voice project there) or
request info on the who, what, where and we’ll do our best to find out.
We are also always looking for researchers and volunteers to collate all the pieces provided – digital catalog and stories.
**nb: If you are a Co-op supporter or member, you can already add your own stories directly


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