OPEN Virtual offer

One of our generous supporters has provided us with an “Open Offer” meaning you do not have to be a current Co-op member.

Virtual lessons or contact with your patrons, clients or students.

There are two options available:

  • One Free – record a class, lesson or contact and stream via their service to your group, schedule or on demand.
    Podcast options available – you can talk to your audience with no visuals.
    Please note  *time limits may apply- ie one hour recording or up to 200 mb stream
  • One Paid – purchase a service and run it live, record and interact with your group, schedule, on demand, paid or free access to your group.

You would need:

  • access to the internet
  • a recording device, may be Phone, Video, Webcam
  • Podcast options are available – no camera required.
  • a channel or stream available to broadcast (this can be supplied if you do not have one)
  • ability to schedule a time-frame to test the system before going live
  • ability to schedule a time to access the system

please email
programs @    re Virtual offer
Note: No costs or charges involved to inquire.








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