This is open to ALL Queenslanders regardless of location, size, style in the partnered dance world.
This year, our re-emergence celebration (which incorporates the Music Comp) is open to the community (you don’t have to be a current/card-carrying supporter member, although we’d love to have you onboard anytime)
Events are timed to least interfere with regular dances being held. Anticipated late October, early November.
Please add to the notes section if you have something specific we have missed for the intended month.

As we move towards our new normal, this year (the situation permitting) we are considering options as the dance community re-emerges, to those who have stayed the long-haul, and welcome to those who can enjoy a new look at what the partnered dance world has to offer.

To this end, if you could let us know what would be suitable for you in terms of location, times etc.
This will assist with formulating training, travel, dancer subsidies, etc where appropriate that are most productive for everyone.

As significant contributors in sustainable dancing, your initial feedback and pledge of involvement in the Expression of Interest is vital to ensure the November QLD Cotillion takes place.

So much to offer, so much to include:



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