Supporters July 2020

July 2020 – Welcome to the special community offer provided by one of our generous Sponsors – SYSL Media

As we all prepare to get back on deck under changed circumstances.

To assist Local business and the Dance Community back, for a limited time we are extending a generous Community offer to lend a virtual hand.

For every pJuly Dance Community Supporterson that becomes a Co-op Supporter
Cost $30 receive a $40 Co-op Store Voucher (valid for 12 months)
If you don’t have time – You can even use the “Sourcing Service”  to order,

Just let them know what you are after, if you have a preferred Dance Supplier or Vendor and they will get back to you, it’s that simple…


Every “current July Supporter” goes into the daily draw to win a Luxury Stay *conditions as per your studio/operators

We look forward to assisting you further.
*store voucher, some conditions may apply

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  • To assist with administration, we may send certain notices via email, if no email is provided and you have a mobile, we may post notices via an sms broadcast to Co-op supporters. If neither option is available, we will post to a physical address or PO Box.

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AU Payment options

  • Direct deposit into
    Bank - Bendigo
    BSB - 633000
    Acc# - 156574923
    Acc Nm- 4 Ballroom Dance Co-op Ltd
  • Depending on the choice made, you will go through a checkout or receive payment instructions to your email address.
    By choosing submit, you agree you have chosen to become a 4Ballroom Dance co-op Supporter

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