Current Volunteer callout across QLD
* QLD Seniors Week 2018 (click here)
* 400 Voices
* Manning community info booths (see below)

Please note there are always many projects on the go and willing helpers are gladly welcomed for whatever time or input you can spare. Remote access makes volunteering accessible to everyone

Community awareness campaigns rolling out across QLD. Please register your interest to assist with the planned rollout.
Who: Folks who are willing to chat to people that may be interested in learning or attending a social dance or lessons. (Children need to be accompanied by a supervising adult)
What: Community information – giving information to foot traffic and passersby, cards, flyers and general discussion with interested people in relation to partnered dance.
(including all Partnered dance, eg: Social Sequence, Rock and Roll, DanceSport along with Music, Dance Musicians and Dance History)
One week between Monday and Sunday (60 HOURS) – Venues relevant to your locality. (Manning a booth/table, up to 3 people at a time – hours of your choice.)
if you would like to add your times to the current week please click here.

Volunteer time






Community outreach – giving the voice to dance. (including Partnered dance eg: Social Sequence, Rock and Roll, Dance

Sport along with Music, Dance Musicians and Dance History)

Where: Will be used in radio and community awareness rollouts.


How: Can be done by phone (key ahead to option 5) will record whatever you say, you can repeat or redo at your leisure. Its OK if you make a mistake or repeat as these will all be edited, combined into a montage or used as appropriate. 🙂
or Online using your computer microphone anytime, its free and easy. Click here to start now. (opens a new link and CLICK on the SEND VOICE message.


There is a script of questions and you can answer any you choose and add your own comments.


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