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Industry Stage 3 Approval JULY 8th (remembering these directives are emerging and can change at anytime)
What it means –
Link to full plan below
If you answer YES to all of list “Is your business dance” – you can return to dance including partnered at your discretion
If you answer NO to anything in the list “Is your business dance” – you are restricted to max 50 people using the 4 square meter rule and no contact ie: “partnered dance”

  • No – could mean you wish to operate without the plan in place.
  • No – could mean Dance is not your primary business.
  • No could mean you may be able to operate under an Event Industry Plan – an Event Industry plan can have more people but = no dance.

Hierarchy – Health Directive, Lease Holder, Dance Operator, Your Community

Is your Primary Business – Dance?
Seeking Exemption –  Have you or Will you:-
Mandatory COVID safe training (must be completed within two weeks of returning to business) course options  – noting they are “health” related however this is what the “RESPONSIBLE PERSONS” within your business are required to undertake.  Purpose, to have responsible persons within the business understand distancing, hygiene and signs of concern.
Place of Business – Facility/Venue – capacity and flow assessment
Assess Capacity = 4square formula (floor space Length x Width) minus (storage or inpenatrable spaces eg: stacked furniture) minus (1.5 meter per room for ease of egress) Total free space left divided by 4 = Total maximum persons per room
Capacity Plan and responsible persons to monitor
Assess Flow – Foot traffic accessibility, distancing, mitigate queuing and signage (right to refuse – one way in / out) Sanitiser at entry point
Plan to minimise unnecessary contact and interaction
Assessed furniture placement and seating to allow flow and minimise contact
Plan to allow 1.5m distancing between household groups when not dancing
Consideration if additional time for entry is required to access facility
Personal health access –  contact with suspected cases,  non-contact temperature check (above 37.4 deny entry) Deny entry
Personal health access – do you have mitigation measures for at risk members and patrons
Personal health access – do you have a plan/process to handle suspected COVID cases
Contact tracing – Minimum =  Name – Phone – Postcode for each party and note Right to Refuse Entry
Contact tracing – Process to ensure contact details privacy is assured
Contact tracing – Process for record keeping specific date/time/purpose for 56 days
Entry fee – contactless option,  minimise handling of cash/change
Entry fee – hand sanatise after handling
Cleaning regime – touch surfaces, accessible sanatiser at key points (min entry and exit) Responsible persons to monitor
Cleaning regime – time allowance, can you implement cleaning plan if you hold multiple sesssions (clean seating etc between each group)
Clear Signage at strategic points to reinforce all relevant health and safety

As at July 8th (remembering these directives are emerging and can change at anytime)
basically if you do not operate under the Industry plan – you cannot dance as per – 15….




To run a COVID SAFE BUSINESS – MANDATORY Training for ALL responsible persons within your business.
These are called Micro Courses (aprox 30 minute duration) and you receive a token of completion that you will need to provide if asked.
Purpose is to ensure the responsible people have a base knowledge of hygiene control

If YES to the requirements – you need to create, understand,  print and display the following 4 items/bundles

Mandatory training – purpose is for the responsible persons within your business to have an understanding of infection control and ways to mitigate health issues before they emerge.
There is no Dance specific mandatory training – the approved Health Dept training is
here for Health related workers.   to complete –
Infection Control Training – COVID 19 Takes aprox 20 minutes and you can print your certificate

here for Food related workers.

1 – The facility Plan (yes we can help if required)
2 – The Approved checklist for the industry -here  – also found at the end of the Industry plan Appendix A
– – You can tick what is relevant to your business but should print Appendix A to have on display whilst you operate
3 – The Statement of Compliance (you have to sign and display whilst you are operating)
– You also may have to provide a copy to your leaseholder – you do not need to submit this to the Health Dept.
4 – FREE PRINT your OWN Posters for facility to assist with community awareness and compliance
– Dance inspired, can create whatever you require, it’s free and comes with a smile – easiest way is to email with info or phone and we will call you back

Link to the Full DPPA INDUSTRY PLAN  here

FREE Print your Own Packs

or Printed floor (3/6/9mth life)
and Business packs available to fit your
budget – Yes you can use your Co-op store credit to purchase floor stickers







Health DIrective  links for those who require
APPROVED Industry Plans

The Dance Co-op is HERE to HELP.   One simple fee  One place for all.

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