Pullenvale Dance in the Eighties

Pullenvale Dance Hall

My memories of the Pullenvale Dance go back to the 1980s when after completing dance classes we noticed signs advertising the dance around the streets in our area.
If memory serves, it was the third Saturday of each month at the old Hall in Grandview Road Pullenvale.
The Else family (well known in the area, seemed to do most of the organising and together with their helpers, worked hard to make it successful, they always seemed to attract a good crowd.

It was a funny old hall. the floor was wooden boards which could be a little slippery at times. There were hard wooden bench seats around the walls, except one small section where the seats were cushioned.
The same people always sat in these seats and were referred to as ” The padded seat mob”
They were lovely people and very friendly.
The toilets were down the back steps and could be very cold in winter.  Always a few spiders in there too.  In fact the hall was pretty drafty and cold in winter, especially if it was windy.  People used to bring a blanket to put over their legs when they were not up dancing.

The name of the band eludes me, but the lady pianist was Mrs Brookes, (Doreen) and there was a man (maybe Frank) who played drums.  She was a funny lady and if the crowd really enjoyed one of the dances or the song they played, the crowd would clap and ask for more.  She would always oblige by telling her partner to “give them half” which meant another half a song.

Seated on the right hand side of the hall, close to the band was always well know teacher Dick and Noela Orchard.  They were always first on the floor when the first bracket of dances was announced.  It never varied, first dance was always the “Old Time Waltz” followed by the “Schottische”  I think there was an unwritten rule that nobody got on the floor ahead of them out of respect for their talents.
Everyone seemed to know alot of people there as most of them were locals.

The family and helpers who were involved, made it a very enjoyable night and their children were always there too.  When supper time came round, we all remained seated and the organisers and familes came around in turn handing out cups for the tea and coffee from a big bucket, followed by the helpers pouring from the large tea and coffee pots, before the food was offered to us in turn.
It was all very orderly.  After we had finished the same helpers came around and collected the cups and things and cleaned up.
There was always a lucky door prize and raffle and of course the Monte Carlo and Progressive dance
At their annual Ball they gave out prizes for the Beau and Belle of the Ball.


Note: You can still enjoy Pullenvale dance –  still held on the Third Saturday of each month,

Taken from Memories of Dancers Extracts


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Like so many treasures, as time goes by, photos fade as do memories, so whatever treasures you have, from whatever era, in whatever condition, please don’t let them be lost. You are the story of Australian Dance History.



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