Partnered Dance Perspective 2020

JULY 8th 2020 = Approval for Stage 3 for the Dance Industry has been granted – Dance operators will have to assess so please give your favourite venue a day or two to go over their requirements and decide.
Some venues may not be able to open as some Councils and Club/Halls have placed a blanket ban on Dance for the moment.
Now we have the approval – we will work with any operator to advocate for options if required.

Dance operators can see the updated info here
or email with queries and or a phone number and a friendly support person will respond.


JULY 3rd 2020 – STAGE 3 – DANCE INDUSTRY (Health Directive Update)

We know there is alot of confusion but  please be aware that the Dance industry has been categorised as a HIGH RISK industry
As such – the Dance industry does “not” qualify for the 2meter per person relaxation
Any dance related business that is operating under the Industry approved plan (which is currently awaiting approval) must adhere to the plan
Any dance related business that is operating without the industry plan – can operate with a maximum of 50 people including staff (dependant on room size using the four square meter rule) and cannot have contact activities (partnered-dance).
None of us will know where we stand until the Industry plan has been approved for Stage 3

Added to the Industry plan, as some dance businesses use Council Halls etc, as the updates are rolling out, some Councils have as of today refused any bookings for dance.
This is their discretion and is part of the mix – where dance is not permitted in certain venues, some Councils have made this a blanket ban.
We are happy to advocate on your behalf if you are attempting to seek an exemption from Council


JULY 1st 2020 – QLD – STAGE 3 rollout confusion – NOTING – Dance is classified as HIGH RISK.
The Arts/Dance Industry is in the final stages for the stage 3 Industry Plan approval and we will update as soon as that is available (eta by Monday July 6th)

The current advice that we have for dance businesses is that if businesses are following the DPPA Industry COVID Safe Plan (with stage 3 revisions ETA by Monday July 6th ) they will be able to:

  • Operate with standard contact activities (including partnering)
  • Have a maximum of 1 per 4 square meter rule. The maximum number of people in your venue is determined by your venue capacity.

We are aware that there is information on the QLD Health website that says that businesses under 200m2 can have 1 person per 2 square meters. However, we have received advice that this does not apply to high risk businesses like dance.


Businesses that are not following the Industry plan will not be able to allow contact activities and will not be allowed more than 50 people total regardless of capacity.

We are available to assist – just email



JUNE 8th 2020 – QLD PARTNERED DANCE under Health Directive comeback – as we move closer to Stage 3 – current ETA July 10  and the way we have conducted Social Partnered Dancing will have to alter at least in the short term.

Things that will help greatly:
Make contact with your favourite venue or dance to help everyone gain an understanding of the changes that particular venues are required to have in place.
As we all navigate through this new territory, a note of some of the things that are currently required to allow Partnered Dance Rollout of Stage 3COVID Dance Restrictions Stage 2

      • Total number of people within any single venue is restricted to 4 sq meters per person/per room (eg: if the dance hall is 20 meters x 4 meters, no more than 20 people in total at any one time in the dance hall – 30 m x 5 m no more than 37 people at any one time)
      • controlling the flow – venue entry and room flow must be restricted to 1.5 meter distance between people (people from the same household may be together) ie paying at the door or entering the premises.
      • option for contact-less payment – if not practical, correct change to avoid handling of cash.
      • all venues must refuse entry to anyone displaying symptoms or temps above 37.4 C
      • contact details of each person must be kept by the operator for 56 days for each entry/date for possible contact tracing  – Details must be stored under strict privacy protocols and must NOT be used for any other purpose.
      • venues are required to have signage, remove furniture and cordon off certain areas
      • seating must be restricted to 1.5 meter distance between people (people from the same household may be together)
      • seating is required to remain as first instance (cannot move from one seat to another unless cleaned in between move)
      • all food or beverage options must be in single use containers or servings ie cutlery – no communal use/access
      • water bubblers must be cordoned off – ie are not permitted for communal use
      • participants must bring their own equipment where possible eg: water bottle, towel
      • all surfaces must be cleaned between each use/group/session

    Some of these changes will be tricky to manage, so everyone having an understanding and making contact before attending will help greatly.

        • If your dance has to restrict numbers they may ask people to pre-book or pre-pay (at least in the short term) so please inquire before whats on where dancers appattending.
        • Each operator will work their way round cost vs numbers so please understand these changes which may be significant.
        • The Co-op Whats On Where Dance app has options to allow pre-purchase/contact-less payment options – to all venues (venue participation is by choice but it is open so you can let your venue know if they are looking for ways to comply)
        • Apart from the physical safety intent of these rollouts, please note that venue operators are under legal obligation and possible fines up to $6,672.50 per breach.

    The Co-op Remains open to assist with any inquiries – for operators, venues or patrons.



    JUNE 1st – QLD has altered Stage 2 rollout date to TODAY – so some DANCE INSTRUCTORS will be opening
    STUDIOS for appropriate training …
    As the lockdown unfolds, we are all working through new ways to operate. Some of them being completely foreign to our previous methods.
    Where possible please make direct contact with your favorite studio to ensure we can all comply with requirements.
    Times, Entry, Exit, Conduct within confines as you get back to training.

    Ready Set …. ONE
    The app is being updated, we were planning for June 12 so please check back if you are ready to download 🙂




    May 27 The Dance Directory and Co-op Whats on Where Dancers App has an open offer to  every studio and dance which will give the ability to have a pre-pay option to allow for no cash access to your favorite venue.
    You can also purchase gift cards and more to support your favorite dance outlet.


    May 22 – As we move closer to stage 2 rollout, for QLD JUNE 12 some teachers are looking to open studios.
    There are a number of specific things that must take place so if your regular studio is opening please make yourself familiar:
    No more than 20 persons within the room, where the room is at least 80 square meters.
    At least 4sq meters per person (operators are required to know the physical size of the venue/room so they may inocorporate it within their COVID safe plan (which we must all have available at any time)
    Regular use of Hand sanitisers and regular cleaning of communal surfaces
    Recommendation is to use a cashless Option to pay where possible – if not possible, please try and bring correct funds to avoid the need for change.



    May 16 – As partnered dance puts us in a different position to most “sport or social” genres, we await some specific clarification on possible return to dance dates.
    With particular note to “contact sport and recreation” ease of restrictions
    Whilst we make no claim on individual circumstances or exemptions, it seems prudent to share what has been provided.
    Loose eta being up to 20 people in a place mid June and up to 100 people in a suitable place July   BUT no clarity on…… eg: 1.5meter personal distancing
    PLEASE NOTE: for the purpose of COVID Stages, under the Health Directive, Partnered Dance is Considered as combined  “ENTERTAINMENT ” & “CONTACT SPORT as such the earliest Social partnered dance are likely to recommence in any form is “STAGE 3

    As the complex move forward to the ease of restrictions takes place in stages, it is easy for eagerness to take over.

    We will update when we have been provided a specific response.

    You can see the current Roadmap here. NOTING that Stage 2 and 3 are entirely dependent on outcomes of Stage 1 – ie NOTHING is set and everything is fluid…

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