Ageless Community Awareness

A very big thank you to the stewards and supporters who gave time to provide a friendly face to hand out some info and chat to folks who were interested in the Ageless pastime, passion or profession Enjoy for life…
campaigns which are currently rolling out across QLD

Some of the perceptions that the stewards were able to alleviate:

Am I too old
Am I too young
I’m not fit enough
I no longer have a partner, I can’t dance anymore
Its only for fit people who can do acrobatics
It costs too much
Since they tore Cloudland down, there is nowhere to do dancing like they used to
I wish there was somewhere to go locally
I used to dance but there is nowhere to go anymore
We used to dance but my partner is — so don’t go anymore

Enquiries from folks of all walks of life, all ages, some organisations and some keen interest for a local inclusive option.


Dance and Music is ageless and available to all.
There are likely options in your area and the Co-op will do its best to accomodate you for whatever type of partnered dance you desire.
The Co-ops Active8En Club is a “Get-started” club meaning for kids under the age of 18 there are “cost-free” options to start and
The Co-op also provides other forms of subsidies and scholarships to all ages and abilities.
So really – just ask today and see whats available.
If one is not a good fit, we’ll find you another



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