The Orchards – A lifetime of dance

Dick and Noela Orchard proud photo shot adorned the entry to the studio

Well known and well loved couple Dick and Noela Orchard commenced their dance life as most folks did, on the dancefloor.

The Sunday Mail dated September 1949 reads in part:Dick and Noela Orchard

Mr. and . Mrs. Orchard met at J. Sandy Robertson’s dancing studio, and were married a few months ago.
Mr. . Orchard, who is a watchmaker, won a bronze medal test last November, after he had been dancing for nine months.

Miss Schroder has had four years dancing. She won the 1947 Queensland amateur dancing championship and the 1948 ‘Blue Ribbon’ championship.



The couples list of accomplishments were many and were oft found in newsprint snippets.
Dedicating so many hours, rearranged schedules to train after work to become champions.

Dick and Noela OrchardAs with successful couples of the era, Dick and Nola ran a dance studio at 166 Brunswick street the Valley. Such was the love for this passion, their daughter Joanne also taught at the studio, which remained a prominent name in the Qld circuit.
The studio was taken over in 2013 by a young couple who continued operating under the Orchard name

Dick was president of the Queensland Associated Dance Studios and together with Noela dedicated 20 years to the society.

Dick and Noela Orchard TitlePrep


* It is with great sadness we add that on this day, 26 Dec 2019 Noela passed away, aged a graceful 95.

So what did corruption, Fitzgerald, Bubbles Bathhouse and Saucy Comedy have in common with the Orchards?


A well loved Brisbane couple

Like so many treasures, as time goes by, photos fade as do memories, so whatever treasures you have, from whatever era, in whatever condition, please don’t let them be lost. You are the story of Australian Dance History.


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