The 1962 Worlds Dancing Championships

This is the first time that the Worlds Professional Ballroom Dancing Championships have been held in Australia and a great deal of credit for this must be given not only to Mr Mickey Powell, President of the Australian Dancing Societc, but to the many enthusiasts who belong to the dancing profession in this country.
With the formation of the ADS 20 years ago and the adoption by the Society of an ethical procedure throughout the profession together with a fostering of mutual understanding between the States, the many early problems facing the Society were gradually overcome. Dancing was then on an Australia-wide basis.
In 1947 it was decided to stimulate interest by inviting various overseas dancing celebrities to visit Australia. Due to other commitments however, none of the people approached were able to make the trip. It was then that the ADS in an unprecedented move, decided to send a couple from Australia to dance in the Star Championships, this being the outstanding event in the world at the time.
Accordingly, Jack and Joyce Bosley sailed to England under sponsorship of the Society and there represented us with distinction. They stayed on for several months, proving themselves worthy ambassadors of both Australia and the ADS. Thus for the first time, we were recognised overseas, not as a country of “boomerang-throwers” but as a nation capable of producing dancers of world class.
In 1948 we sent our first professional team of five couples to England and have been sending similar teams ever since with great success. Perhaps a measure of success is the story of Alf Davies and Julie Reaby. Sent to England by the ADS they stayed there for some time and finished up winning the Worlds Championship in both 1956 and 1957.
Not only were we the first to challenge in Exhibition Style matches, bue wer were also the first to challenge in professional Test Matches. Also for the first time, our couples made personal appearances in America.
In recognition of being the motivating force behind this procession of achievement, Mr Mickey Powell was in 1959 given the “Joe Love” award for the greatest contribution to Australian Dancing and in 1960 he was awarded the “Carl-Alan” trophy for the greatest contribution to English Ballroom Dancing outside England for that year.
The fine record the ADS and it President is now capped with the staging of the Worlds Ballroom Championships which has attracted not only the cream of Australian Dancers, but also many entries from overseas.
Among these overseas visitors competing for the coveted titles and prize money totalling 3000 pounds will be Mr and Mrs M Shinoda, Mr and Mrs M Masuoka, Mr and Mrs T Kohuma and Mr and Mrs U Maruyama – all from Japan. From England we will see Billie and Bobbie Irvine, Walter Laird and Lorraine and Bob Burgess and Doreen Freeman. Western Germany will be represented by Rudi Trautz and Inge Schmid, while from New Zealand will be Mr D McAuley and Miss D Kapita, Mr and Mrs R Lloyd, Mr M Taylor and Miss L Taylor and Mr K Mansfield and Miss R Trimmer.
One of the highlights of the programme will be the judging of the final of “Miss World Ballroom” contest. To the winner will go a wonderful week’s holiday at Surfers Paradise for two.

Taken from
The Official Worlds Professional Ballroom Championships 1962
Festival Hall Melbourne

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