Glenore Grove Brass Band

BY THE 1850s the area known as Laidley was being cleared for sheep grazing, families started moving into the area and Laidley soon became a thriving farming area.

Men and women started spreading out looking for farming land, they rode north following the Laidley Creek, eventually finding the meeting point of the Laidley and Lockyer Creeks, there was plenty of rich arable land and soon the settlers were buying land and creating farms.

A primary school was opened in 1906, and the area was named Rosewood Estate and its enrolment soon reached 70. The name was changed, Glenore apparently being near the Irish hometown of the manager of the Rosewood station. Grove was added to avoid confusion with a north Queensland mining camp.

Later in 1906 Albert Qualischefski bought their first farm at Kentville in the Lockyer Valley called Meadow Flat. Albert started dairying and was also a butcher and grew onions. As part of the shift to growing vegetables only, the Qualischefski family bought farms in Glenore Grove.

According to the post office directory, in 1949 Glenore Grove had a store, a Catholic church, two blacksmiths and about 50% of the farm families had German names. Glenore Grove had a brass band that was the best for many miles around.

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