Walter Willans Dancing Musician

Walter Willans Dancing Musician
Standing the test of time as only quality can.

Walter Willans has been a professional musician and active ballroom dancer for more than 45 years.

Walter’s love of music started at seven, when he picked up his Dad’s abandoned mini-piano accordion. This led to his first concert performance at nine and his first social dance engagement at fourteen.

Today he is known to many as the “Dancing Musician”

Walter began Ballroom dancing in the early 1970’s, to partner daughters Linda and Debra through their Medal Exams.  Since then he has become an active dance advocate and a competent dancer across a variety of styles.

His musical credits include but are not limited to; being an active member of a 24-piece Brass Band and the foundation President of the Queensland Accordion Orchestra, which he also conducted for ten years. He has also appeared on Channel 9’s Brisbane Tonight Television with his Trio.

As a solo musician, Walter has performed at a wide variety of premier concert and dance venues, along Australia’s East Coast.

Walter is widely respected for his unique style of uplifting and full tonal quality musical arrangements, including his Dance Master CD series, available on-line at

Walter’s life-long understanding of live music and music for dance, confirms he is one of a kind and the go-to-guy in the dance community.

When time permits you’ll find Walter and wife Carol, getting a buzz teaching social ballroom, dancing together and chilling on the deck of their hinterland retreat.

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