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At the DBDC we honored a world dance “Icon,” the man that changed the look and feel of Latin American Ballroom dancing around the world, to what it is today, Mr. Robert Medeiros.
This Modest-Looking Perpetual Trophy is way, way more than meets the eye. The Bob Medeiros Memorial Professional Latin Medal, was the first place medal won by Bobby Medeiros with his partner Sheryn Hawkins at the US Imperial Championships in 1969, the highest honor that anyone could have had in North America in the day. This was the only trophy kept by Bobby until his death.Today the “Medal” for that 1969 win symbolizes the important story of the intersection of two dance cultures: The then-restrained, rules-bound British Latin (“International Style”) competition dance tradition. Embodied by Walter Laird and his codification of Latin dance “technique” and the free, smoother, closer-to-its-roots of American social Latin dancing, newly represented in International Style Latin competitions by Bobby Medeiros. Tradition has it that when Bobby went to England for Coaching with Wally, it became a collaboration of great minds that forever changed competition Latin dancing. In fact, an American mambo dancer with club roots and an Arthur Murray association who turned competitive International style Latin dancer, Bobby – with his “deep, down, and dirty” Latin hip action – super-charge England’s previously restrained professional Latin competitions.
Bobby further distinguished himself by winning (again with Sheryn) the 1971 US National Professional Latin Championship – at the inaugural US Ballroom Championships.
Competing in Bobby’s hometown of Boston, winners of the Bob Medeiros Memorial Professional Latin Medal are distinguished by continuing Bobby Medeiros’ vibrant and innovative tradition of American-Influenced, world-class, International Style Latin competition dancing.
Medal recipients 2017 Mykhailo Bilopukhov & Anastasiia Shchypilina Shchypilina
Medal recipients 2016 Justinas Duknauskas & Anna Kovalova


History that shaped competition dancing rules and styles throughout the world.


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