On the Sixteenth of July in 1997, the 120-year-old Danish ‘Heimdal’ hall at 62 Cleveland Road, Stones Corner, was relocated to its new home adjoining John and Irene Stephens’ Marsden property.

Heimdal Hall

Once on new foundations ‘Heimdal’, was soon connected to utilities, built-in and ready for John and Irene to teach social sequenced ballroom dancing.


To-date the ‘Heimdal’ hall has seen numerous ballroom dancers of all ages learn and polish their dancing skills, along with many bridal waltz students.

Some of John and Irene’s most memorable times in the ‘Heimdal’ dance studio, were held at the renowned end of year Christmas dance party, with many of their long-term students in attendance.

Asked if they’d do it all again, without hesitation both John and Irene emphatically replied, “Yes!”

Today, many fellow dancers in Brisbane and in the wider dance community owe both John and Irene a big “Thank-you” for having the passion and power of their convictions to relocate ‘Heimdal’ to teach ballroom dance.

Though recently retired from teaching, John and Irene dutifully maintain ‘Heimdal’ for the next exciting stage of its 139 year celebrated life.

Who knows what thrilling developments the future will bring for ‘Heimdal’?

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