Noel Bishop Qld Dance

1956 Dance Program

You don’t have to spend too long speaking with Noel to realise you are in the presence of quiet confidence, the kind that comes from knowing your achievements and not having to flaunt them in any way. A gentleman who is amiable, has a ready sense of humor and offers assistance without the need for fanfare.
Even within the dance community, Noel, who was coached by Aub Panton is worthy of special mention in his own personal memoirs, noting:
” I make no apology for this special mention of Noels’ activities.  A champion of any kind is worthy of his due and Noels’ record is outstanding over a period of twelve years of competitive dance 1955 – 1967.
During that time Noel won twelve championships and was runner-up twice. With the exception of two occasions, his longtime partner was June Cheney, (Shirley Poultney in 1956 and his wife Judy in 1966)
A record few can surpass:

  • 1955 Winner Queensland Open Amateur Old Time 24/9/55
  • 1956 Winner Queensland Open Amateur Old Time 22/9/56
  • 1956 Runner-up Australasian Amateur Old Time 7/10/56
  • 1956 Winner Queensland Olympic Championship Old-Time 19/10/56
  • 1956 Winner Australian Olympic Championship Old-Time 25/11/56
  • 1957 Winner Cloudland Blue Ribbon Championship Old Time
  • 1957 Winner Queensland Open Amateur Championship Old Time
  • 1958 Winner Cloudland Blue Ribbon Championship Old Time
  • 1959 Winner Australasian Professional Championship
  • All the above with partner June Cheney
  • 1956 Winner Cloudland Blue Ribbon Championship with Shirley Poultney
  • 1966 Runner-up SATD Queensland Professional OT/NV with Judy Bishop
  • 1966 Winner Queensland South Pacific Professional OT/NV with Judy Bishop

Noel Bishop became head instructor Old Time/ New Vogue of the Aubrey Panton Dancing Academy and in 1959 Noel and June commenced teaching at a studio above Boston Silk Store (240 George Street Brisbane)
Later when June went to New South Wales, Noel continued to teach with his wife Judy until 1967.

Noel returned to teach social dancing in 1994.”
proving regardless of life getting in the way, there is always dance to come back to….



Like so many treasures, as time goes by, photos fade as do memories, so whatever treasures you have, from whatever era, in whatever condition, please don’t let them be lost. You are the story of Australian Dance History.


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