1938 Hints for Ballroom Dance Competitors

Avoid too many variations.
The noted English ballroom professional, Henry Jacques, gave the following useful hints to dance competitors whilst in Australia. Now that competitions are in full swing, this expert advice is timely. All competitor, amateur or professionals should Include at least 75 per cent of the basic figures in all dances. states Mr. Jacques.
(a) Keep your movement soft and flowing with a good swing from the hips.
(b) Concentrate on good general deportment, particularly position of both arms and shoulders,
(c) Remember the waltz is a rotary dance, and do not foxtrot your turns or pass your feet on the third beat if they should be closed.
(d) Not too many variations, particularly of the passing three step variety.
(a) As In waltz.
(b) As in waltz,
(c) Watch your alignment, do not overturn, do not force your stride, feel that each step— slow or quick— has the same feeling in regard to the swing from the hips, and do not overrise.
(d) Variations by all means, but not too many of the running three step variety. Subtle checks and wrong side, movements are most effective, in this dance.
(a) Keep your weight over the heels and move from, the hips downwards, do not follow through with the body as in slow fox-trot,
(b) As In waltz. Always lead with right hip forward!
(c) Remember to place your feet, heel first, then flat. Do not glide as In other dances. The knee and ankle are used more in this dance than in the others.
(d) Make sure your variations are definitely of Tango character. Do not exaggerate twists and footwork. Space your variations and use walk between each movement.
LADIES: stand in a perfectly natural and erect position, head naturally poised, looking over your partner’s right shoulder.
Raise the right hand to the same level as your partner’s, keeping the palm of the hand downwards, ‘the right arm should be bent slightly at the elbow. Raise the left arm and place the hand with the fingers close together, on the back of the man’s right upper-arm. Both elbows should be
kept well up. without of course raising the shoulders.
Never attempt in any way to lead or guide your partner, submit yourself entirely to him. Do not lean on him or anticipate what Is coming next… Just follow.
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