Dance Medal Introduction 1939

In Brisbane today, the general public’s of the opinion that modern ballroom dancing is of the same complicated “jazzy” steps performed ten years ago.  There are still many people who term modern ballroom dancing “Jazz.” This Is an erroneous impression, gained by people who do not understand the simplicity and beauty of the dance in the ballroom today.
Modern dancing (not jazz), the waltz, foxtrot, quickstep and tango, have as their basis simple standardised movements, which, if danced in sequence form and correct alignment, convey to the onlooker how simple and graceful modern dancing really is.
The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, London, of which many lending teachers of Australia are members, instituted medal tests for dancers. In these tests, the dancers are required to execute the simple movements with correct formation, timing and alignment.
The Queensland Society of Teachers of Dancing, realising the value of these tests to the dancing public of Brisbane, decided at their last general meeting to hold tests every three months, thus coming into line with other Australian States.
The first of these tests was held at the Trocadero on Saturday, November 25 1939 and successful candidates will be presented with their medals and diplomas at the Trocadero next Wednesday night December 13, in conjunction with demonstrations of what is required for the tests.
The Queensland Society of Dance Teachers is of the opinion that the medal tests will bring to Brisbane a uniform standard of dancing, and only
then will dancers. through knowing each dance in it’s true form, give to their partners the maximum amount of pleasurable enjoyment for which ballroom dancing is intended.
Like so many treasures, as time goes by, photos fade as do memories, so whatever treasures you have, from whatever era, in whatever condition, please don’t let them be lost. You are the story of Australian Dance History.
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