The Trocadero

The Trocadero which opened in 1923 was arguably the most popular dance venue in Qld for around 25 years.
With all the top champions competing at this venue and on all non-regular dance nights, the hall was booked out for months in advance for Balls and other functions.
Lovingly known as the “Troc”, it was the weekly meeting place of leading studios of Brisbane and their supporters.

Each group had their own alcove with a huge duplicate of the studio badge hung above that alcove.
These huge badges, all glitter and bright paint were the responsibility of the studio to erect each night and at the finish, store away for the next week.

The Troc survived the “war years” but at the end of the war, the Troc was also finished, closing in 1942
The last manager Mr Roy Phillips, and Billo Smith and his band moved to “Cloudland” when it reopened to the public.

Opening night ad in the Brisbane Courier Mail stated:

Trocadero Dansant
An event of interest to dancers will be
the official opening of the Trocadero
Dansant in Melbourne Street, on Thursday
evening by his Excellency the Governor
The proceeds of the opening night will be
devoted to Hospital for Sick Children
The floor of the hall has been built on the
spring principal and the surfaces have
been electrically prepared.

With the emergence of the dance fraternity, suitable venues were well patronised:
Popular Queensland Dance Venues

Like so many treasures, as time goes by, photos fade as do memories, so whatever treasures you have, from whatever era, in whatever condition, please don’t let them be lost. You are the story of Australian Dance History.


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