Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dancing is no longer just something old people and wealthy people do. On TV today, dance shows are into ballroom dancing as well as dance sports. Even young children are trying to break into the sport, wanting to be on teams and in dance competitions. This is an awesome way for you and your spouse to learn how to enjoy the dances during social events now. What is great about it is that there are 6 different types of ballroom dancing that you get to learn.
If you are wanting to learn how to ballroom dance, then you should start on some of the slower songs to learn the basics. Waltz for example is a popular and common dance, which can be easily learned. When you eventually master easy types of ballroom dancing, you can then move on to learn the more complex and faster ones.Here are two different types of ballroom dancing you may want to learn.
Waltz – if you have learned a dance move called the closed dance hold, then you shall be using it in the waltz. You’ll find this is much easier to learn because it is much slower than other types of ballroom dances. Since the waltz is the best dance to start learning on, maybe you should try to learn a new ballroom dance because you now know the foundations.
Tango – the tango is another type of ballroom dancing and one of the most romantic and passionate dances. If you have seen it in the movies, the tango is sometimes associated with guys biting on a long-stem rose as he seduces the woman. Although this type of ballroom dancing originally came from South America, it has now become a more American Style tango with heavy European influences.
If you want to learn how to ballroom dance at home, then you should check out Learn & Master Ballroom Dance by Jaimee Simon and Mark Short. The program includes a 13 DVD lesson program that can be practiced in your own home. Other dance programs exist, such as Ballet Bible by Anita Leembruggen. So there I was surfing the web looking for real reviews of Ballroom Dance and Ballet Bible and I came up with product ratings at


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