Co-op Dance Operators COVID Compliance Support PACK

A general overview of the 2020 (Recreational Structured Partner Dancing) known as RSPD Special Pack:
In early October a revision was put forth by the Approved DPPA Industry Plan authors in relation to “social dance” , this will likely see “social” now be referred to as “RSPD” as a safeguard, to ensure we are distinct from any other form of freestyle/social/dance eg: nightclubs.
The Exclusive RSPD offer is intended to assist with compliance and allow all participants to have a streamlined option to access.


  • Dance Group Membership across QLD and other States
  • Club Website, be part of the Dance Co-op family, your own web pages under your control or we can do it for you (yes this can point to your existing website if you have one)
  • Dance Book, includes your entry in the yearly hard copy dance directory that has been the dancers go-to for over 25 years
  • Dancers App  includes entry in the Dancers app providing access on the go to the wider community 
  • Mobile: App integration of Geo-Fencing and push notices directly to interested dancers in your specific area.
  • Leverage – provides the power of “grouping” that allows you to achieve a far greater reach to an audience relevant to you.
  • Attendance Bookings, to ensure capacity is dealt with in an efficient manner
  • Attendance Registration, to offer contactless registration and ensure all records are at hand when required
  • Administration tasks: Automating a significant amount of admin operational needs, bookings, attendance registration, with support and more freeing you to enjoy your craft.
  • Print Your Own Compliance and relevant information packs and posters
  • Social: Leveraging group participation automatic posting to targeted audience (you are in full control of your supporters)
  • Potential New dancers: The community dance programs are designed specifically to give you direct access to potential new dancers at all levels that you would not have the ability to engage without. As we work our way past the lockdown process, this will be an emerging benefit as restrictions ease

    OPTIONAL EXTRAS: (additional fees apply)
  • Insurance: Public Liability, Group Accident (T&C apply)
  • Licensing: APRA, AMCOS, ARIA ONE MUSIC (inc lessons & socials)
  • Music: Access to the music library and *individual services product) See more about this item

The Yearly cost for the RSPD “special pack” compliance member subscription fee (2020 is $7 per week or $380 per year)

– Compliance with Dance Co-op Code of Conduct and Co-op Ethics

STORE CREDIT: Some operators prefer to purchase supplies like shoes, signage etc
High Value INCENTIVES: Some operators  prefer to use the Major incentive options to run their in-house promotions.

    • ** GIFTED products via Store Credit on items relevant to your clients and business in the order of $100 RETAIL and a community partner bonus Hotel Savings Card valued at $300 apply to offset the yearly subscription fee. ***limited offer
    • High value incentive gifts to engage your supporters
    • $12 store credit (accumulative) or High Value Incentive accumulation program for each “Supporter member” signed by your operation.
      Optional payment terms available to best fit your needs – *weekly *monthly *quarterly or yearly

Fill in the form below or use the Purple Question Mark and we will get you sorted.



OTHER INFORMATION – the RSPD special pack does not require these conditions to participate:

A – Yearly member subscription fee ($840)
B – Shares: a minimum of 2 shares must be held at the cost of $5 per share
C – Active membership in the co-op dance community
active membership of the cooperative requires you to be a paid member(A) hold a minimum of 2 shares (B) plus one or more of the following

  1. Participate in a minimum of 15 Ballroom activities via Co-op membership outlets in a calendar year.
  2. To sell or supply at wholesale price relevant goods or services to the cooperative to the value of $200 in a calendar year.
  3. To provide volunteer labour to the cooperative for activities such as “the Showcase,” Promotions, Teaching in Schools for a minimum of 10 hours in a calendar year.

D – Compliance with Code of Conduct and Co-op Ethics

C 1.2 or 3 are being achieved in a number of ways and have provisioned significant goodwill, input and value to the wider dance community.

C1 – by attending dances or dance related activities
C2 – Some options that were well accepted in the pilot or currently being provided:


DANCE EVENT = The FIFTH Saturday of the month
anywhere in QLD – a Social or Comp dance held to provide goodwill promoted under the name of the 4 Ballroom Co-op
Discounted Supporter fee goes to your operational costs – the RAFFLE income goes to the Co-ops “Nurture program”
Goodwill – Operators have provided a Discount entry to (4 Ballroom Dance Supporters or members) for the event, requiring bookings to keep numbers manageable.
Dancers have contributed by donating prizes to the usually large rolling raffles.
This is an opportunity to showcase your usual event, new music or suppliers to supporters who may not regularly attend, it is a great provider of goodwill.

to (4 Ballroom dance Co-op supporters or members) tracked via a supporter card or redeemed via the Dancers App.
$2 discount – honoured by your chosen time frame
So as to manage significant impact, each supporter has a 20 time use validated by your mark (*Member venue ID = your phone extension) on the physical card or the redemption via the Dancers App (via smart device), the discount is not indefinite and you can participate or not at any time – these venue lists are provided to supporters (aprox 6 times per year) so you just need to let us know to put you ON the list or take you OFF.
Goodwill – Supporters have taken full and active involvement in spreading this benefit to the wider dance community.

Goods wholesale value provided for raffles or Dance programs. Musicians donating play time to the Co-op Saturday,

The Co-op is happy to look over any proposals you have in this regard to sign off on Co-op inclusion – that is inclusive of current or encouraging of new dancers


Volunteering – in time and skills in schools or ancillaries via programs, offers a prudent way to increase attendance and inclusion all round:

The Programs have been designed to productively expose the largest volume of people to the craft and facilitate the wide reaching community with highly focused input both “subtle and direct” to allow many participants, both teachers and students to prosper.
You can be part of the “team” coaches providing direction that allows numerous volunteer “teacher-teams” by either attending the school or directing the teaching groups that do attend.

The program inceptions have been likened to the “Ball sports” allowing Qualified instructors access to a vast range of early dancers to “Scout” for talent, encourage attendance of basic dance lessons to extended family members (Mums, Dads, Brothers Sisters Carers etc) to join in the culmination fundraisers etc
Some teachers are offering *scholarships (as part of the 1,2,3 commitment)
*offer X number free lessons to school students, to encourage appropriate up and coming talent,
*offer group discount for school parents, extended family to learn the listed dances prior to the fundraiser
*offer group discount for school families + to sample social dancing (specific dance night with like minded dancers attending to assist)

Dance operator fee for 2020 =  $15 per week, monthly & yearly discounts apply, Fees include the listed benefits above[/content_protector]

As always contributions, suggestions and input are valued so just let us know.
The 4 pillars (SEE MORE on Dance Music Operations History) are highly involved and this overview is meant as a guide to Convener benefits, we are always happy to provide further details and answer queries directly.

 The friendly support team are here and more than happy to clarify anything you are unclear about 🙂


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