The Co-op has been given a gift

The dance community thanks Noel Bishop once again for his kind and unwavering support of the Dance Community.

Now that Noel has completed his Dance review for local dancers, ensuring it is battle tested 🙂
The Dance Script can now be downloaded here The CO-OP Waltz BARS 1 to 16 Noel Bishop.

For those asking for video that cannot attend a dance studio or class please keep an eye on this post and we will update once that has been arranged.
See the dance video already created here


Noel will attend Eventide Auditorium Saturday 17th November 2018
and   Carina Saturday 24th November Both venues doors open at 6.30pm Noels lesson @6.40
Normal social dance at 7.30pm

The Co-op has been gifted a dance!
Noel Bishop has very kindly presented the Co-op with its own waltz
“arranged with you in mind”

For those asking for a copy of the Dance Script, this will be available for download when Noel has completed his committed dance lessons.
Please be advised this dance has some advanced steps – so it is a good idea to go over with a dance teacher if you cannot attend.
You can find Professional Dance Teachers in your area by visiting the Dance Directory or through a copy of the Hard Copy Printed directory
Noting some folks providing “walkthroughs” are a little confused between calling figures and dance steps.


Noel will teach this in the coming month much to the delight of many dancers.

What a wonderful thing it is to have community….


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